I’m Darci LaRocque.

Public Speaker & Tech Psychiatrist 

About Me

1,000's of Clients

Mid 90's in Information Technology - Graduate with Honours

Presented at many Real Estate Conferences

What I Do.

Things you hate, I love!

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Common Things Agent Say About Darci

"work her program. You’ll get results."

" proper migration of data, solving all technical issues"

"invaluable insights"

“ Every business should need a technical coach like Darci“

“ It is rare to find someone who can do so much for you! “

“Best money that I have invested in my business so far. “

“ It just makes so much sense now. “

“don't waste the valuable time debating, just do it“

“because of the program, I received two calls from past clients asking me to help them buy a home! “

“Magic“ “Magic“

“My new system is already saving me time.“

“We advise our clients to consult professionals and we should too! “

“Darci hones in on the problem and knows how to solve it! “

“Darci was a lifesaver“

“Darci bailed me out “

“patience, skill , humour and most of all your kindness. “

“patient with us“

“ She assists us with a direction that could have taken us days, weeks, months or years to figure out! “


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