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4 Steps Top Real Estate Agents use to win back 10+ Hours a Week & Stop Missing Out on a lot of lost commission

What you will discover in this Masterclass:

Our clients consistently win back more hours every single week, while completely eliminating the tech headaches and system struggles, giving them more time for connecting with past, present, or future clients, or simply to have fun with family and friends.  Oh and they own their own data, so if they ever want to leave their current brokerage, no big deal. 


Our strategy teaches you how to streamline and systematize your business so your past clients keep YOUR email address and not the brokerage one and will remember you, with the right systems and processes, with a CRM that you OWN,  that you will use and that will get consistent repeat and referral business.  How does that sound?









Darci LaRocque

Owner, Founder, & Creator of Agent Tech Mastery

I am so glad you found me.   I have created the ONLY technology training company for Real Estate Agents in the entire world.  My only goal is to help you be streamlined.  No one teaches this.  I am lucky to have a few decades of Information Technology under my belt, understanding software YOU use and how it integrates (or should) into your daily life.  Making you update once anywhere and your data updates everywhere.  Phone, contacts, calendar, computer, CRM and more.   This concept can save 10 or more hours a week and can get you back $100,000 or more is lost revenue.  Check out what our Grads below have to say.................

Our Clients LOVE us!

"Darci is a Rock Star! We were looking to streamline our business, keep us better organized and have a plan for the future. We weren't sure where to start, but Agent Tech Mastery has done all of that and more. It just goes to show that you can always be better and improve your business. With 20 years of experience as a REALTOR¬ģ, this is by far one of the best investments I've made. Thanks Darci!"

Craig Adam, Regina, SK


"Darci is amazing at helping REALTORS¬ģ streamline data and become more efficient. The time & money invested during the program will pay off 10-fold. I will be saving time each day and will be more efficient in reaching out and staying in touch with current and past clients. My only regret is not doing this sooner."

Debra Duncan, Regina, SK


"The time she spent was a real eye-opener. I didn't realize there was so much that was disconnected among my programs. Darci really opened my eyes and spent so much time and effort in connecting everything on my computer. She is absolutely amazing. Everything will be so much easier and faster. Thank you, Darci."

Lynda Wells, Lancaster, CA


‚Äč"Here are the real results.¬†34% of my clients ‚Äúimmediately‚ÄĚ responding.¬†86% were opened and read in less than 24 hours.

There are dozens of real estate trainers out there telling you to do exactly this. I have not heard of one trainer advertising their expertise to help you set up your technology to do so in an organized way."

Mary Henderson, Etobicoke, ON

"I was so organized that I could send out my very first email blast in my 9 years of business.


It felt so good to connect with my people. 3 deals closed because of this!"

Lorene MacGregor, Castlegar, BC

"Definitely knows her way around email and getting email and notices in one place and flowing seamlessly -- Finally got the notices that iCloud full and the buy more stopped!!! Thank you‚Äč"‚Äč

Dean Eshelman, Festus, MO

"Best money that I have invested in my business so far. Don't waste the valuable time debating, just do it! You won't regret it. "

Angela Claypool, Orange Beach, AL

Watch The Master Class Training To Learn The 4 Step Game Plan... Real Estate Agents use to streamline & systematize their business to win back hours every week without missing out on lost deals.

While learning that YOU should OWN your own data, not your brokerage!  Don't use a brokerage CRM, don't use a brokerage Email address or their file storage system.  Life happens and you may leave, then what?  Find out by watching our masterclass. 

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