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"I can't express my gratitude or how freeing this is.... I probably got a good 10-year shot to go and I feel lost in the woods and I don't know what to do. And right now, I feel like I've got a good grasp on my business again

Also, being able to access all of your files. The way you showed me to set up those files right from my phone or from my computer or my office computer. The other day I forgot my phone because I'm so close I was in a hurry to get to the office, race to the office to do this and I needed to get something. But you know what? It was right there. (All saved on Cloud Storage). It's nice when everything syncs and everything speaks to each other. And that was something that I never had before and struggled with. So, the course was worth its weight in gold there!

Thank you Darci, Thank you Darci, Thank you Darci."

"Some things you just can't do yourself. Darci got my systems all synced and running smoothly, I just watched, and realized I could have never done it myself. Thanks so much."

"I wish I had done this years ago!! The Agent Tech Mastery course has been a life changer for me and a huge weight off my shoulders in terms of the technical side of my business. The course is right on point, Darci is a great teacher and she brings a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm to every session. Overall, a fantastic experience!"

"Darci's Knowledge is Timeless and Relevant! I have known Darci Larocque for 10+ years and always feel I get great value for the time I spend with her or on her programs. Ten years ago Darci set up my computer in order that I could work more efficiently with my husband. We were a husband and wife real estate team, and Darci helped us to create systems, use industry appropriate programs and gave us tips on how to create time-saving shortcuts."

"Tech makes me squirm!
I was very nervous about my meeting with Darci. In fact this whole training has scared the pants off me. I am not afraid of computers, I have been managing...but I wouldn't be considered "Tech Savvy". Much of what we have accomplished so far has made me squirm (a.k.a-want to cry!), but Darci assured me I am a quick learner and not near as "challenged" as I thought! Ta-da!

"My experience working with Darci at Agent Tech Mastery was truly Fantastic! All her meetings were so informative, positive and supportive, I always walked away with some new technique I learned. My biggest "AHA Moment" was the day when finally all my devices were all syncing together and the realization kicked in for me, that I would no longer have to manage my dreaded email in multiple locations...what a HUGE Relief! I highly recommend Agent Tech Mastery, it was well worth it. Thanks again Darci for helping me get my systems finally working.

Huge weight lifted! :)"

"Tech can be so stressful and overwhelming. ATM makes it easy. Thanks for taking the stress off of me. It's worth the time and money."

"Darci is not just a lovely person, but she is a tech genius. Very helpful at getting my mess cleaned up and getting me back on track. I had a rather technically challenging situation and she made it all right. I found the program very worthwhile and highly recommend.

Darci is a real gem and worth every penny! She helped me enormously and saved me hours and hours when I tried to figure everything out on my own. Highly recommended! Invest in your business and you will never regret it. It's a very reasonable cost and will save hours of frustration and investigation. Time better spent selling!"

"I first met Darci several years ago at a RE/MAX Western Canada Conference. From that point forward she has been my go-to professional for my tech support needs. Enrolling and taking the Agent Tech Mastery program has been the icing on the cake for me! Not only was it extremely educational, it was a lot of fun & I met many new REALTORS® during the weekly Q & A sessions. Synchronization of contacts & calendar across all my devices, full redundancy with all my data on Cloud storage & my local laptop, I can be working from home, my car or anywhere with no interruption to my service and commitment to my clients. ATM was worth every penny of the financial investment and more importantly the time I invested to implement new systems & processes which are already paying dividends. Thank you so much Darci! You ROCK👏👏👏👍👍👍✔​"

"Great one on one Follow up week 6 - Darci LaRocque is so patient with us and I truly love the feeling of satisfaction after she assists us with a direction that could have taken us days to figure out! What a pleasure! Thanks Darci!"

"We tried really hard to make Darci's job extremely difficult - 30+ years in RE, database transformed over the years from a Palm Pilot to Blackberry to iPhone using everything from Palm Pilot software to Outlook to iCloud! Apple Products all the way and 2 of everything! Add in several different iterations of CRMs from Top Producer to Outlook to Ixact and throw in SendOutCards and a couple of newsletter databases that didn't sync with anything and now they do and Darci had a lot of fun. We now have everything in one place - yay! It's a process to organize it properly but Darci has given us the tools and knowledge to make it all work. Looking forward to the next steps."

"Thank you for cleaning up my systems. They are all in place now and learned some new things along the way as well."

"Very complete certainly a pleasant learning curve..Already seeing results moving my contacts to my Email software and finding lost or misplaced Past Clients, spoke to several this week and updated their contact information in my CRM."

"Feeling pumped after a great session with Darci LaRocque - got so much done and I can feel the positive energy to keep moving forwardThanks Darci !!"

"Darci is a great instructor and she has changed my fear of technology. With Darci's one on one guidance and support she is helping me transform my business to a much more organized and efficient operation.
Thanks so much"

"Darci is a Rock Star! We were looking to streamline our business, keep us better organized and have a plan for the future. We weren't sure where to start, but Agent Tech Mastery has done all of that and more. It just goes to show that you can always be better and improve your business. With 20 years of experience as a REALTOR®, this is by far one of the best investments I've made. Thanks Darci!"

"I went through this process with Darci because my contacts were a complete mess, scattered, improperly set up, etc. Through the program I am in process of being able to pull everything together so that my database is much more organized and syncing. I have several years in business, so it is a work in progress. Thanks Darci for your patience and expertise."

"The time she spent was a real eye-opener. I didn't realize there was so much that was disconnected among my programs. Darci really opened my eyes and spent so much time and effort in connecting everything on my computer. She is absolutely amazing. Everything will be so much easier and faster. Thank you, Darci."

See Mary's FULL REVIEW here. 

"I feel really fortunate to have hired Darci to help me get up to date with technology. She helps you keep your sights fixed on the end goal - a seamless technology solution for Realtors.


Darci’s help was results-oriented, complete with deliverables to help my business grow. It has been immediately applicable. Never have I felt in such competent hands to get the job done. This program is by far the most beneficial training that I have ever done.


I now feel that I have a way to communicate with my clients in an organized way. There are dozens of real estate trainers out there telling you to do exactly this. I have not heard of one trainer advertising their expertise to help you set up your technology to do so in an organized way.

Call Darci, work her programYou’ll get results and incredible value.

"Best money that I have invested in my business so far. My time savings alone allows me to focus more on the tasks of selling & listings. I am much more efficient with my transactions with implementing this system. My email in box is so organized and not a screen with 1000+ emails with no way to categorize "smartly"....the structure of my email files is likewise mirrored in my computer files...it just makes so much sense! The syncing of contacts from my phone, email and CRM is another huge timesaver. I am just beginning to explore it and so far am impressed. I had a trial CRM before but never got going with it....now that my contacts (yes organized contacts now) make the CRM make so much more sense and makes it productive. I debated for a few months whether I needed to do this program, don't waste the valuable time debating, just do it! You won't regret it. But do make sure you are committed and time block some time each week to the program because it will only give you great results if you commit to follow the program.​"

"Very straight forward and to the point! Darci hones in on the problem and knows how to solve it!"



Tucker, GA, USA




Windsor, ON CA


"Great ideas and delivery! And always help when you need it! I am excited to transform my contact base into a streamlined money making CRM!"



Regina, SK CA


"Darci is amazing at helping REALTORS® streamline data and become more efficient. The time & money invested during the course will pay off 10-fold. I will be saving time each day and will be more efficient in reaching out and staying in touch with current and past clients. My only regret is not doing this sooner."



Edmonton, AB, CA


"I had my 4 hour session earlier this week, it was a great experience. Darci was amazing and patient! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I know this is a process and I am confident that my business will be running like a business and also save me stress and time! Thank you Darci!!!!!!!!​"

"When I first heard Darci speak on organizing my systems I knew that I needed to sign up. I am so not a techy person but that did not scare Darci one bit. I signed up for her Agency Tech Program. After 4 weeks I was organized enough to send out my very first newsletter in my 9 years of business. It felt so good to connect with my people! I had no clue what to expect but within one week I received two calls from past clients asking me to help them buy a home! Another set of clients just called me today asking me to come do a CMA. Being organized and connecting worked! Thanks Darci! I can't wait to finish the program and watch more "magic" happen!​"



Leawood, KS USA


"If as a REALTOR you are using: multiple email addresses; if your contacts information is stored in different devices and not synced, if you are not using one cloud storage; if you do not have and use a Contact Relationship Management tool … Darci LaRocque can fix any and all of that promptly, painlessly and pleasantly with Agent Tech Mastery.
For efficiency, for a professional appearance, and for peace of mind – go to Darcitalks.com and check out Agent Tech Mastery"

"I kept diligent track of my contacts and emails and didn't think I needed much help. Technology feels familiar because I use it every day. I assumed I knew what I was doing and how it works. NOPE! Over the past 10 years, I'd unknowingly created a hodge-podge of calendars and contact lists. I knew I spent a lot of time looking for stuff on my phone a computer but doesn't everybody? NO, THEY DO NOT!!


All of my information is RIGHT THERE! My new system is already saving me time, and I can't wait to unlock week 4 so we can sort out my documents!


Darci is easy to work with. I felt comfortable sharing my computer with her. She never commented or questioned the content of my emails or contacts.

I could not have done this on my own. We advise our clients to consult professionals and we should too!"

"Darci was a lifesaver! I Decided to update my technological skills and fix some serious problems with all the apps and calendars and systems I had that were not working with each other. Trying to upgrade my skills in the middle of a Covid-19 Pandemic was making me so anxious that I almost gave up. But Darci bailed me out and helped straighten out my mess and now my windows laptop and ipad and phone all seem to be playing and communicating with each other in a friendly fashion.


Thank you Darci.

Thank you for your patience,

Skill , humour and most of all your kindness. Now I can start to learn how to do the more interesting things I need to do for my business.​"

"Darci is extremely knowledgeable of the products and services to streamline your whole lead followup system. From contact to closing!!! While I am probably more knowledgeable than most agents, even this old dog learned new tricks and i am so grateful. Become a student of your profession and do the home work and success will follow you all the days of your career!!!"

"Finally I am able to say what I have been wanting to say for weeks. Darci has done an amazing job to help my business to do a facelift! I have to say a big thank you to Darci helping me in cleaning and setting up my email properly migration of data, solving all technical issues and teaching me how to navigate the new system , setting up contact properly etc.


The invaluable insight and teaching that Darci has given is totally mind and eye-opener. The knowledge that she passed on is extremely helpful for someone who is non-techy gal like me. Darci is so patience and generous of her time to teaching me new tricks and tips even it is out of the scope of the program which is very much appreciated. I believe every business should have a technical coach like Darci. The amount of time and money saved by going through this program is worth every penny. I have been hoping to restructure the technical side of the business long time ago and couldn't find someone who can have such a broad knowledge and expertise in the field like Darci.


Definitely highly recommend Darci's program to anyone who wants to have an advancement in their business. It is really rare to find someone who can do so much for you!​"

"What a game changer! My files were duplicated everywhere on my system. With Darci's help, they are all neatly stored in the cloud! I can access everything from any device and can already see things getting done more quickly. I can't wait to finish the program and put all of Darci's great advise to work!!"

"I just finished my 4 hour training with Darci today and with this and her dedication and knowledge and willingness to share her knowledge and what works for her and her husband (who is in the business) I know that I will have first have a business that I can work on and not in, I know that I will increase my income and client flow and retention and I know at the end of the day when the time comes I will have be able to sell my business down the road and ensure some residual income comes my way - this is such a great opportunity to work with Darci and I am so grateful for this opportunity!


If you are in real estate you cannot go forward without having Darci helping you - she has figured it out - by the way I have been in business fo 25 years and I am just getting this - do not be me - Hire Darci!!!​"