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Keynote Topics Around Technology, Systems and Automation

If you have a specific theme I will customize for your audience and we offer different TOPIC Titles for your specific audience.

1.  Business Systems: Creating A Framework that Builds Freedom and Wealth 


Not having proper business systems is costing you 10's, if not 100's of thousands of dollars a year and up to 10 hours week of wasted time!  Join Darci for the 4 step game plan smart real estate agents use to streamline and systematize their business to win back hours every week and stop missing out on the lost deals ... Even if......right now, they are maxed out and can’t see a way out of the tech mess.


2.  CRM Smackdown


Client Relationship Management software can be overwhelming and confusing or like a gym membership, you keep paying and paying but not using! As a successful real estate professional, it's your job to handle hundreds of details.  Wouldn't it be great to have a full time personal assistant? That is what a CRM can do! You can be more organized, and less stressed. 
Import and Export your Database they say. They are wrong! I hear it ALL the time.  An Agent says "I imported my database or I am manually typing the information into my CRM". I cringe. Almost NEVER is that the way to do things. You do it because someone told you that info and I am here to tell you they are wrong. This session highlights how to get your database from where you have it now to where it should be!

3.  Top Apps to Get You Ahead of Your Competition



There millions Apps/Software for Agents out there so how do you choose the right one? We did all the research for you so just sit back and relax and learn all about great apps for you to use to help you be more productive. Discover password apps, come on, I know you write your passwords in a spreadsheet or in your email contacts so find a better way, device and people tracking apps, file sharing apps and more. 


My presentations are fully interactive



I attend those same conferences I speak at.  I love engaging with the conference attendees after I have spoken, helping them understand the power of technology to better their business.  I love connecting with attendees and hearing their particular stories and sharing mine.  It makes it a better event for me and them!

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