IMPORTANT: Please Read Thoroughly

Consultant will meet the A/V technician 30 minutes prior to the start time of the presentation (or by previous arrangement). It is best if  attendees are not present in the room. Please ensure a technician is available at this time to coordinate the below items.

A/V Requirements

  • Smartboard or LCD Projector with Screen
  • Cables to connect Laptop to port unless you are providing (Darci will bring presentation on USB)
  • WiFi Access if possible to show apps if required
  • 1 Flip Chart may be needed for workshops (Not required for keynotes).
  • If a group of more than 50
    • Please provide a lapel Mic or wireless over-the-ear headset-style microphone with FULLY charged batteries.
  • If this is an iPad/iPhone Workshop we will require an additional screen and projector to separately to show iOS on one and the presentation on the other.  If you cannot provide this, please let us know. 


  • You are welcome to have video cameras projecting the consultants image on large screens.
  • Presentations may not be recorded in either audio or video form at any time or for any purpose without prior consent.
  • If the set-up has two screens please keep slides on one screen at all times.
  • Still photography without flash is permitted at any time.

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