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Are you wasting up to 10 hours a week and thousands on lost deals?

So I want to talk today about how chasing new business and spending a lot of money on ads are not necessarily something you have to do. That might be in addition. But what I find from talking to thousands and thousands of agents is they’re ignoring their past clients. And a lot of the reason is that you get a client and then you do the transaction and then you never talk to them again.


Now, maybe that’s your business model. I don’t think that’s very smart, because those people, KNOW lots of people, they’ve got friends and family, and they will probably themselves be moving in a certain time frame.


And if they don’t remember, who you are, another agent will get that deal! And that agent, if they’re keeping in touch with their actual clients, who also will remember them when their friends or family go-to move, you just lost out on possibly tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. You hear me now? One of the issues I see, and why this happens, is that the systems aren’t set up properly. Watch the video to learn more about what I would suggest you do for more business in the future.

How much money are you really losing by NOT keeping in touch with your database?

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Darci LaRocque

Darci has a unique background that helps her understand Agent tech issues. She has been in Information Technology for over 2.5 decades, ran government projects on email and wireless device synchronization, use to program, research software and maybe the most important part, her husband is an Agent! Darci wants you to stop paying for software and start using it!