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An Agent asked me how much it would cost to fix his systems so he would save up to 10 hours a week and get back repeat and referral business. (Admitted to losing about $100,000 or more in lost revenue from NOT keeping in touch) 

ME: $5,000 to $10,000

AGENT: That’s seems really high. 

ME: What do you think is a reasonable price for this job? 

AGENT: $2000 maximum.

ME: Ok, then you to do it yourself, I guess.

AGENT: I don't know how to.

ME:  In my program I show you how to fix your systems, I teach you the technology and system software and skills that will benefit you in the future. For the rest of your life.

AGENT: Sounds good! But I will do it myself.

ME: Great! To get started, you are going to need some skills. You will need to go back to school and learn how to run email servers to know how they integrate with all software. See how they integrate with all devices, so you will have to purchase both Apple and Android devices. You will have to purchase Outlook and MacMail software and understand how they impact email. Then you will have to download all Cloud Storage software and learn the intricacies of each.  That will take about a year or so. Both free and paid accounts. You will have to research the top 20 Real Estate CRM’s and see how they integrate with different types of email accounts, POP3, IMAP, etc.   

AGENT: But I don't have any of those skills and I can't justify buying all that software or learn all that.  How long would it take me? Can’t I just watch YouTube videos?

ME: Well I went to school for Information Technology back in ‘95. Then I worked for the Government specializing in email servers and software and how they integrated with Wireless devices, how contacts, calendar, email and email folders all work. I did that for 10 years. Then I started my own company and spent years building websites, researching software, still working and learning however single update on software and apps impact devices and use. I also spend about 1/4 of my time researching software. So you would need at least few years to gain some of the knowledge. 

AGENT: I work all the time and I don’t have that kind of time to dedicate to doing that myself.  Can’t YouTube help me?

ME: YouTube is fantastic but YouTube doesn’t know YOUR particular set up over the course of 5, 10, 30 years. If you use Outlook, we work on it differently, if you also have a MAC, it is different, if you have an Apple device but a windows computer, it is different issues. If you have trialed many CRM’s, it is different. If you are new, it is different.  Because I have been doing this for decades, I have seen everything and never had an issue I couldn’t fix.  Not once. 

AGENT: I don’t even know where to get started then. 

ME:  Remember, when you try and fix issues yourself, you can accidentally delete your whole database, you can accidentally delete files and folders and lose a ton of important information and you can waste months or years “trying” to figure it out. 

AGENT: You know, I’m realizing that a lot more goes in to a  this than what I believed. Your proposal is very reasonable now. 



When you pay for a service you are investing in yourself and please remember you also pay for:


✔️  Knowledge

✔️  Experience

✔️  Custom Skills

✔️  Tools

✔️  Time to plan

✔️  Time to prepare

✔️  Professionalism 

✔️  Work Ethic

✔️  Excellence 

✔️  Discipline 

✔️  Commitment 

✔️  Integrity 

✔️  Taxes

✔️  Licenses 

✔️  Sacrifices 

✔️  Liabilities 

✔️  Insurance 


Please don’t disrespect a service provider by trying to get them to lower their prices. 


If their pricing exceeds your budget, there’s nothing wrong with trying to get other pricing from other service providers, just understand what you get.  I actually don't know a single person in North America that has the unique knowledge I have in helping Agents.


Just remember... you get what you pay for. 


👉🏼  SERVICE PROVIDERS: Know your worth and be confident in it.

👉🏼  CONSUMERS: Recognize their worth and be respectful of it. 

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Darci has a unique background that helps her understand Agent tech issues. She has been in Information Technology for over 2.5 decades, ran government projects on email and wireless device synchronization, use to program, research software and maybe the most important part, her husband is an Agent! Darci wants you to stop paying for software and start using it!