Should I get a MAC or PC? 

Should I get an Android or iPhone?

I see these questions a LOT on Real Estate forums and I totally get why someone would ask, but things to consider when you read other people's responses:

  1. You have no idea what their setup is.
  2. You have no idea how technical they are.
  3. You have no idea how they use their specific device.
  4. MAC users love MACs
  5. PC users love PCs 

Should I get a MAC or PC? 

OK, so let's start with computers first and I also want to mention that I have been working in Information Technology since the mid 90's and also how devices (way back in the palm pilot days, yes, I am that old, ha ha) and how those devices integrate with computers, email, contacts and calendars and now with cloud storage like Dropbox, iCloud, One Drive and Google Drive. 


In my experience of working with people, if you come from a PC background and switch to a MAC there is a learning curve.  Of course, you can learn the differences, but some people find it extremely challenging. So I generally tell them to buy a PC. It is irrelevant what phone or tablet you have.  If you LOVE MACs, then, of course, buy a MAC.  What many people don't understand is that iPhones and iPads are NOT the same operating system as a MAC, so you aren't going to use it as such. 


Here are just a few comments when someone asks this aged-old question: PC or MAC?


  1. As a former PC owner, I hated that everything didn’t just sync to my iPhone or iPad.
    • ​The reason things don't sync is because your systems are not set up correctly. The reason it does now on a MAC is because iCloud has taken over and now it appears to all sync and work, but I can guarantee you that if you update a contact on any Apple device and then go to your main contacts attached to your business email, it isn't updated there.  
  2. Only MACs allow me to turn my iPad into a second screen.
    • Not true, I have a windows computer and love using my iPad as a second or third monitor. 
  3. I love the ability to seamlessly share data between devices, call from my laptop (with phone nearby) and other things.
    • That is an amazing feature of Apple.  When set up properly, you can call, text, facetime from all devices. It is awesome.  I don't miss not being able to do this on my PC, my iPhone or iPad are always close by, right?  But again, a super cool APPLE feature. 
    • PCs CAN and DO work well with iPhones and iPads - the only thing you will not be able to do that you can on a MAC is see your iMessages. For me, that is not a big deal.  I view on my iPhone or iPad.
  4. MACs never need repair and last way longer than PCs
    • Well, they can get viruses, they can die, they eventually have an old operating system that won't take updates just as PCs do.
  5. My 80-year-old grandmother had no problem using her new MAC.
    • You have an amazing grandma. I love that she has no problem and, of course, some people pick up on things faster than others.  My 82-year-old uncle could not figure out his iPad, with many, many lessons from me and even written instructions, and gave me back my iPad.  😕
  6. MACs are way better to travel with
    • Both are easy to travel with.   Both have light, touchscreen options.






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Darci LaRocque

Darci has a unique background that helps her understand Agent tech issues. She has been in Information Technology for over 2.5 decades, ran government projects on email and wireless device synchronization, use to program, research software and maybe the most important part, her husband is an Agent! Darci wants you to stop paying for software and start using it!