Real Frustrated Agent Questions/Comments:


1. I tried Referral Maker (Buffini) for a year, did not like it!!

2. I have now been using iXact Contact for over a year, I still don't think it’s a winner...

3. How will I  know you’ve found the right CRM?

4. I want something simple, but what?

5. I want all my CRMS, lead gen tools, realtor .ca, brokerage, etc all lead directly to my 1 email

6. There are too many features and it is too complicated.

7. Do you NEED to keep family and friends separate from clients?

8. What is a great, reasonably priced CRM?


Have you tried them all? Top Producer, referral Maker,  IXact, Contactually, Lionsdesk, CHIME, etc...yet are still struggling?


Do yourself a favour and come to our workshop.

Master LIVE Class For Real Estate Agents

How to Choose & Set Up A CRM to Work for YOU

Get your questions answered.  Finally. 


What You Will Discover

  • What is a CRM?  

    Maybe you kind of know or maybe you have no idea but let's talk about what a CRM is and answer this daily question.

  • How to choose a CRM?

    So many questions about this.  What CRM are you using?  What is the best FREE CRM?   What CRM do you recommend? Should I use the one my brokerage gives me?  Should I use the one my fellow Agent says they use? Is a website lead generation CRM different?

    BONUS: We will give you our VENDOR checklist so you can ask the right questions to your CRM vendor. 

  • How much should you pay for a CRM?

    Free to monthly, what are the benefits and why.

  • Can I get by without using a CRM?

    A notepad is not a CRM.  A spreadsheet is not a CRM.  But....why should you use a CRM or should you at all?  Find out.

  • What to organize inside your CRM

    The money-making stuff.  We will go over Email blasts and Drip Campaigns and their true power.

Using a CRM isn't the only thing , it practically everything.   Darci - Agent Tech Mastery

Usually your webinars are FREE, why is this one $10?

Will you be selling CRM software?

Will I get the replay?

Of course.